United States of America

There are more Gallaghers and their family connections in the United States of America than in any other region of the World and that includes Ireland!

This is based on a statistical sampling carried out by the US Census Board. Based on their percentages there are around 70,000 people with Gallagher or one of its variants as their surname/ family name. When one adds those with Gallagher in their family tree there must be many hundreds of thousands whose family story involves the Gallagher Clan.

The Gallaghers have left their mark in a number of place names including 
  1. Gallagher, Richland, Illinois, USA.
  2. Gallagher, Clinton, Pennsylvania, USA.
  3. Gallagher, Kanawha, West Virginia, USA.
  4. Gallagherville, Chester, Pennsylvania, USA.
  5. Gallaher Mills (Valley City), Johnson, Missouri, USA.
  6. Mount Gallagher, Laurens, South Carolina, USA.
  7. Gallaher, Curry, New Mexico, USA.
  8. Golaher Mountain Peak, Elko, Nevada, USA.

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If you are one of these people with Gallagher in your family tree we  want to hear from you about your and your family's story. We intend to add a sample of these to our site later but only with the express permission of those who forward their stories.