Literary Gallaghers (In no particular order)

Frank Gallagher

A Cork native, Gallagher worked alongside Erskine Childers on the Republican publicity staff and fought alongside Eamon de Valera during the Irish War of Independence. He would write several short stories for de Valera under various pseudoynms. Gallagher served long stints in prison due to his IRA involvement and went on many hunger strikes. (the shortest lasting 3 days, the longest 41).[1] He founded the Irish Press in 1931 and was appointed deputy director of Radio Éireann in 1936. He would later serve as the director of the Government Information Bureau from 1939–48 and again through 1951-54. Gallagher has composed numerous short stories, biographies and historical pieces.

Tess Gallagher

Tess Gallagher (b. 1943) is a poet, essayist, novelist, and playwright. Born in Port Angeles, Washington, she attended the University of Washington, where she studied creative writing with Theodore Roethke and later Nelson Bentley as well as David Wagoner and Mark Strand. Her honors include a fellowship from the Guggenheim Foundation, two National Endowment for the Arts Awards, the Maxine Cushing Gray Foundation Award, and the Elliston Award for "best book of poetry published by a small press" for the collection Instructions to the Double (1976).

Her third husband Raymond Carver encouraged her to write short stories, some of which were collected in The Lover of Horses (1987) and At the Owl Woman Saloon (1996).

Her book Moon Crossing Bridge is a collection of poems written after the death of Raymond Carver, who died from cancer in 1988. Her newest collection, Dear Ghosts, is her follow-up collection, written 14 years later.

Gallagher has taught at many colleges, most recently at Bucknell University and Whitman College. She recently published an essay in The Sun Magazine entitled "Instead of Dying" about alcoholism and Raymond Carver's having maintained his sobriety. The essay was initially delivered at the Welsh Academy.

Distant Rain, published in 2006, is a conversation between Tess and Jackuchô Setouchi, a Buddhist nun from Kyoto, which took place after the death of Raymond Carver.

Stephen Gallagher

Stephen Gallagher (born 13 October 1954 in Salford, Lancashire) is an English writer.

He has written several novels and television scripts, including for the BBC television series Doctor Who — for which he wrote two serials, Warriors' Gate (1981) and Terminus (1983) — as well as for the series Rosemary & Thyme and Bugs, for two seasons of which he was script consultant along with Brian Clemens. He adapted his own novel Chimera for ITV and directed the adaptation of Oktober as well as writing the feature-length episode The Kingdom of Bones for the BBC series Murder Rooms.

He also developed and wrote a science-based series for ITV, Eleventh Hour, starring Patrick Stewart as a government science investigator and advisor. The program was rumoured to be ITV's answer to the new series of Doctor Who, but was more in the tradition of the hard-science thriller. Gallagher's series format has been acquired for a US television remake by the CSI trio of CBS, Jerry Bruckheimer TV and director Danny Cannon.

Life Line, broadcast in 2007, was a two-part a supernatural mystery starring Ray Stevenson, Joanne Whalley and Jemima Rooper.


Brian Gallagher

Brian Gallagher is a Dublin barrister turned writer who has had two novels published, Feng Shui Junkie, which has been translated into five different languages and optioned for film. The screenplay is presently being written for an Australian production company. Junk Male, his second novel has also been very successful, and he’s currently working on his third.

Miriam Gallagher

Miriam Gallagher was born in Waterford.
Her books are Let's Help Our Children Talk (non fiction), (Dublin, The O'Brien Press, 1977, 1978, 1979); Fancy Footwork (Selected Plays) (Dublin, Society of Irish Playwrights, 1991, 1997); [and] Song for Salamander (a novel) (2004, Trafford, Victoria, BC, Canada); Kalahari Blues (3 Plays) Mirage, 2006; The Gold of Tradaree (3 Plays) Mirage, 2008 and Pusakis at Paros (short stories) (2008, Trafford, Canada)
She received Arts Council and European Script Fund Awards for her full length screenplay, Girls in Silk Kimonos (celebrating the Gore Booth sisters) and MHA script award for Kevin, a TV film. Her film Gypsies had cinema screenings in Ireland, UK, San Francisco and New York's Lincoln Center, and was broadcast by RTÉ.
Her plays include Fancy Footwork (Dublin Theatre Festival 1983 & King's Head, London); The Sealwoman & The Fisher; Dreamkeeper (ContemporEire, 1984); Omelettes (Hampstead, London, 1985); Labels (Dublin Theatre Festival 1985); Carolan's Cap (National Concert Hall, Dublin, 1986); Dusty Bluebells (Samuel Beckett Centre, Dublin, 1987); The Ring of Mont de Balison (Ranelagh Millennium Project, Dublin, 1988); 'Nocturne' (Dublin, NCH, 1988); Bohemians (NCH,1989); Easter Eggs (Dublin, Andrews Lane Theatre, 1990); Shyllag (Andrews Lane Theatre, 1993); The Nude who painted Back (collaboration with Mia Gallagher & N. Rafal, Samuel Beckett Centre, Dublin & Le Petit Herbertot Theatre, Paris, 1999); Midhir & The Firefly (Hollister, California, 2000); Kalahari Blues (Galloglass National Tour, 2001); The Mighty Oak of Riverwood (Dublin, Gate Theatre, 2001); The Gold of Tradaree (Clare Co. Council Arts Award, 2004).The Parting Glass was an international prize-winner of a 2006 Playwriting competition (Irish Theatre Project USA) and in 2008 Doracha Mór agus Seoltóirí Ghaoth Dobhair, commissioned and produced by Scoil Chonaill, Bunbeag  received best new script award at An Gríanán Theatre, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal.
Radio plays for RTÉ include Carolan's Cap, William, and Shyllag.  Vincent Wallace
Her work has been translated into Irish, Dutch, Finnish, French and Russian. She has been a visiting lecturer at universities in Ireland, Athens, New York, Boston & Pretoria.
Her mss is in the National Library, Dublin, and film work in the Irish Film Archive. She lives in Dublin. Her website is
Provided by: Miriam Gallagher

Owen Gallagher

Owen Gallagher was born in Gorbals, Glasgow, Scotland, in 1949 of Irish parents. His mother was from Leitrim, his father was born in Ballintemple, Falcarragh, Co. Donegal. His father's family were evicted from Carrycannon by the local landlord and moved to Ballintemple in Falcarragh, which at that time was bogland.
He lives in London and spends time in Falcarragh.  He has awards from The London Arts Board and The Society of Authors in England. His poems have been published widely in: The Independent, Time Out, PN Review, Poetry Ireland Review, Rialto, The SHop, The Stinging Fly, Poetry Wales, London Magazine, New Welsh Review, Poetry London, The North …. He has won poetry competitions and his poems have been displayed on London buses.
His book publications include: Sat Guru Snowman, 2001, Peterloo Poets and Tea with the Taliban, 2012, Smokestack Books, England. His third collection 'A Good Enough Love' is due from Salmon Poetry, Co. Clare, Ireland.



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William GALLACHER (M: 1876 Apr 2 - 1951 Aug 1) 

Buell Gordon GALLAGHER {US} (M: 1904 Feb 4 - 1978 Aug)

        American Caste And The Negro College [n|1938] 

Edward L GALLAGHER {CA} (M: ? - ?) 

Frank GALLAGHER (M: ? - ?) 

George Gately GALLAGHER {US} (M: 1928 Dec 21 - 2001 Sep 30)

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Helen Mar GALLAGER, nee PIERCE {US} (F: ? - 1942)

        Robert Mills, Architect Of The Washington Monument [b|1935] 

Hugh Gregory GALLAGHER {US} (M: 1932 Oct 12 - 2004 Jul 13) 

James Roswell GALLAGHER {US} (M: 1903 May 7 - 1995 Nov 10) 

Louis Joseph GALLAGHER {US} (M: 1885 Jul 22 - 1972 Aug 14) 

Madelyn Mae GALLAGHER {US?} (F: ? - ?)

(ps: Patsi GALLAGHER)

        Fear [1930] 

Margaret Miriam GALLAGHER, aka Sister, MIRIAM {US?} (F: ? - ?)

(ps: A SISTER of Mercy) 

Patricia GALLAGHER, nee BIENEK {US} (F: ? - ?)

        The Sons And The Daughters [f|1961]

        Answer To Heaven [f|1962] 

Patsi GALLAGHER (see: Madelyn Mae GALLAGHER) 

William Davis GALLAGHER (M: 1808 Aug 21 - 1894 Jun 27)

        Erato [3v|p|1835-37]

        Poems [p|1846]

        Miami Woods, A Golden Wedding.. [p|1881] 

Rev, James GALLAHER (M: 1792 - 1853)

        The Western Sketch Book [a|1850]

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