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Genealogy Links (Courtesy of Boyd Gray)

9 Irish BMDs
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Books for Beginners

Pathways to Ulster's past: sources and resources for local studies
Belfast: Institute of Irish Studies, QUB, 1998. 158p.
ISBN: 0853896933  £6.50.

COUNTY Donegal´
In the Irish Link No. 42 1994. pp16-17
[Australian genealogical journal].

DUFFY, Godfrey F
A guide to tracing your Donegal ancestors
Dublin: Flyleaf Press, 1996. 94p; ill.
ISBN: 095084666X £7.00.

An introduction to Irish ancestry
Bray: Magh Itha, 1990. 28p.
ISBN: 1 871 509 041 £2.50.
[Sean Quinn is a lecturer at Letterkenny IT and a native of Buncrana].

QUINN, Sean E.
An Introduction to Irish ancestry
2nd ed.
Bray: Irish Genealogy Press, 2000. 60p.
ISBN: 1871509343 £6.99.

QUINN, Sean E.
Surnames in Ireland
Bray: Irish Genealogy Press, 2000. 183p.
ISBN: 1871509394 £9.99.

Trace your Irish Ancestors
Bray: Magh Itha, 1989. 56p.
ISBN: 1 871 509 025 hbk 1 871 509 033 pbk.

Your Irish ancestors
Bray: Irish Genealogy Press, 1996. 121p.
ISBN: 187150919X £5.95.


Family History by Town or Parish

Ballyshannon family roots / exploring family origins in Ballyshannon
Longford: Noel Farrell, 1997. 48p. £5.99.

Cunningham, John B.
Castle Caldwell and its Families
Enniskillen: Watergate Press, 1980, 209p.

A DEMOGRAPHIC study of Tory Island and Rathlin Island 1841-1964´
In Ulster Folklife 17, 19715. pp70-80.

DONEGAL Town, Inver & Mountcharles family roots / exploring family origins in Mountcharles, Inver, & Donegal Town
Longford: Noel Farrell, 1997. 48p. £5.99.

Arranmore links: the families of Arranmore
[Dublin: Aiden Gallagher], 1986.

LETTERKENNY family roots book: exploring family origins in Letterkenny
Longford: Noel Farrell, 1996. 48p; ill.
Lucas, Leslie
Mevagh down the years
Belfast: Appletree Press. 1983.

Lucas, Leslie
More about Mevagh
Belfast: Appletree Press. 1982.

After the battering ram: the trail of the dispossessed from Derryveagh, 1861 - 1991
[Letterkenny]: An Taisce, 1991 20p ill. £2.00.

Donegal: past and present
[Ballyshannon: printed by Donegal Democrat], 1995. - 195p. ; ill.
[families in Donegal Town area].

McGARVIE, Michael
Fanad on foot: genealogical explorations in Donegal
[Glastonbury: printed by Direct Offset], 1989. 62p., ill., charts £5.00.
[Limited edition of 100 copies].

STRANORLAR parish roots book / exploring family origins in Ballybofey/Stranorlar and Killygordon
Longford: Noel Farrell, 1996. 48p. £5.99.
Also in this series, Letterkenny, Donegal Town, Mountcharles and Inver, Ballyshannon


Individual Families / Surnames

Central Library has built up a comprehensive collection of family histories donated by researchers worldwide. We would be delighted to receive a copy of your own research when you complete your family tree.

Anderson, Patrick.
Anderson of Moville
Bramhill, Cheshire: [published by the author], 7p. photocopy.

Arkwright, Thomas J. and Peter A.
The Arkwright Family in Ireland
Wigan: [published by the author], no date. 44p, photocopy.

Bonner Thornton, Sue
The Bonner Family History
Waco, Texas: Texan Press, 1972. 555p, biblio, index.

Boyd, Brian.
The Boyd Family of Ballymacool House
No date, 16p, photocopy.

Boyd, Murray A.
From Donegal to Blackguard´s Corner: a History of the Boyd Family of Kaikoura
Rangiora, [published by the author], 1998. 447p, photos.

O´Brien, Maureen.
A History of the Burke / Bourke Clan
Dublin: Clan Publications, 1991. 295p.

O Canann, Tomás G.
Aspects of an early Irish Surname: Ua Canannain´
In Studia Hibernia No. 27 1993. Pp113-144.

Ó CANANN, Tomás G.
Ua Canannáin genealogies in the Irish manuscript tradition´
In Studia Hibernica No. 30, 1998-1999 [published 2000]. pp167-229.

Stevenson, Lionel.
The Cary Family of Inishowen
Durham, NC: [published by the author], 1963. 14p.

Chichester, A. Palmer Bruce
History of the Chichester Family from A.D. 1086 to 1870.
London: Hotten, 1871. 174p.

Steele, John Haughton
Crichton: the Pedigree of the Earl of Erne.
Edinburgh: R&R Clarke, 1891, 80p. appendix.

Ornbaun, Marilyn.
The Diary of William John Clarke: Illinois to California 1849
[s.l.: published by the author], 1991. 54p.

Concannon O Brien, Maureen.
The Story of the Concannons
Dublin: Clan Publications, 1989. 312p.

Cooke and Allen Family Letters (Convoy)
[s.l, s.n]

Crawford, Robert
The Crawfords of Donegal and how they came there
Dublin: Ponsonby & Weldrick, 1886. 39p.

Doyle, David N., and Miller, Kerby A.
Ulster Migrants in an Age of Rebellion: the Crocketts of Raphoe´
In Irish Economic and Social History XXIII, 1995. pp 77-87.

Crummer, Larry D.
Crummer Families of the U.S. and Canada who came from Ireland
Baltimore: Gateway Press, 1994. 603p.

Dill, James Reid
The Dill Worthies
2nd ed.
Draperstown: Moyola Books, 1992. 109p.
ISBN: 1873345 07 0 £3.25
[Reprint of 1892 ed.].

Dill, John.
The Dill Family (correspondence)
[s.l,.]1975, 18p. photocopy.

Conn, Nancy H.
From Drumholm, Donegal to Cartwright, Upper Canada: the Dinsmore-Freeborn-Strong Families.
Toronto, Ontario: Stewart Publishing, 1998. 322p.
ISBN 090969932111.

Early, Samuel S.
A History of the Early Family in America
Albany, NY: [s.n.], 1896. 51p.

Hamilton, Sir James,
The Hamilton Manuscripts
Belfast: Archer & Sons, 1867. 165p.

Sir Frederick Hamilton.
[sn., sl., ] 23p. photocopy.

HarT, Henry T.
Hart of Donegal
London: Mitchell Hughes & Clarke, 1907. 158p.

Harvey, G.H.
The Harvey Families of Inishowen, Co. Donegal, and Maen, Cornwall
Folkestone: F. Weatherhead, 1927. 178p.

Hewetson, John
The Hewetsons of Ballyshannon´
In Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland. 1910, p4.

Andrew Knox (Bishop of Raphoe) and his descendents
Londonderry: J. Hempton & Co., 1892. 34p.

O Laverty, James
Seanchas Chlionne Laithbheartaigh (Laverty)
Belfast: [s.l., ], 1891. 24p.

Cine Mhac an tSaoir: guide to the sources for researching Mc Ateer families in Ireland
Belfast: Ulster History Foundation, 1994. 63p, illus.
ISBN: 0901 905658.

Mac Dermot, Dermot.
Mac Dermot of Moylurg
Manorhamilton: Drumlin, 1996. 543p.

Mac Donagh, J.C.,
Counsellor Terence Mac Donagh: a Catholic Lawyer of the Penal Days and some of his Collateral Descendants´
[photocopied from Studies 1947/1948] 22p.

Mc Garvie, Graham
Mc Garvie Family History
[s.l.: published by the Mc Garvie Family], 1995. 222p.

Mc Garvie, Michael,
Fanad on Foot-Genealogical Explorations in Donegal (McGarvie)
Glastonbury: printed by Direct Offset, 1989. 62p , plates, biblio.

Mc Geehan
[s.n.,s.l.,] 30p, photocopy.

Brown, John P.
The Mac Laughlins of Clann Owen
Boston: W. J. Schofield, 1879. 42p.

Mc Manus, Michael.,
Mc Manus Heart and Hand
Durham: Mc Manus Family History Society, 1994. 184p.

Marshall, G.F.L.,
Marshall of Manor Cunningham: being notes on the descendants of John Marshall
[s.l.: published by the author], 1931. 125p.

Masterson, Eibhlin
Maddisonfamily (letters) 15p. photocopy.

Miller, Janet Eileen,
Miller Family Scrapbook
[s.l.: published by the author]. 81p, illus.

Miller, Janet E.
Miller Family Tree (with supporting Trees for Montgomerys, Hamiltons, Irwins, Townshends, Beresford/Webbs
[s.l.: published by the author]. 22p. photocopy.

Montgomery, Henry,
A Generation of Montgomerys
London: Spottiswodde & Co., 1897. 77p.

Furlong, Matt.
Montgomery of Alamein´
In The Irish Link March 1998. p36.

O Brien, Donough.
History of the O Briens from A.D. 1000-1945
London: Batsford Ltd., 1949. 77p.

Walsh, Paul
O Cleirigh family of Tir Chonaill
Dublin: Colm O Lochlainn, 1938., 52p. index.

Ó Dochartaigh, Seoirse Fionnbarra
O Doherty People and Places.
Whitegate, Co. Clare: Ballinakella Press, 1998. 126p: ill.
ISBN:094653814X. £9.50.

Ó Dochartaigh Clan.
Origins of the O Dohertys: pedigree and family group sheet
Carndonagh: Inishowen Tourism, 1995.
[the Ó Dochartaigh Clan issue regular newlsetters and packs on genealogy and Clan history].

Chubb Develin, Joseph
The O Develins of Tyrone,the Story of an Irish Sept
[s.l., VT]: Tuttle Publishing Co., 1938. 137p.

History House Publications
Your Irish RootsHistory of the O´Donnell Family Name
Ennis: History House Publications, 1988. 33p.

O´Donnell, Vincent
Clann Dalaigh (O Donnell)
Kilmacrennan: O Donnell Clann Gathering Committee, 1989. 81p, illus.

History House Publications
Your Irish Roots: history of the O´Kelly Family
Ennis: History House Publications, 1988. 43p.

History House Publications
Your Irish Roots: history of the O´Neill Family
Ennis: History House Publications, 1988. 48p.

Mac Dermot, Lady Betty
O´Ruairc of Breifne
Wicklow: [s.n.], 1983. 211p, index.

Mac Dermot, Lady Betty
O´Ruairc Family Tree
[s.l.: s.n.]. 36p, index.

Mac Giolla Easpaig, Fergus
The Gaelic Families of Donegal´
In Nolan, William, Ronayne, Liam, and Dunlevey, Mairead Donegal History and Society pp759-838.

Patterson, Norman G.
The Patterson and Pattison Family Association Record Book 1
[s.l: s.n.], 1963. 215p, index.

Patterson, Norman G.
The Patterson and Pattison Family Association Record Book 2
[s.l: s.n.], 1964. 215p, index.

Patterson, Norman G.
The Patterson and Pattison Family Association Record Book 3
[s.l: s.n.], 1965. 215p, index.

Patterson, Norman G.
The Patterson and Pattison Family Association Record Book 4
[s.l: s.n.], 1967. 215p, index.

Burton, Patricia
There is an Old House in Ireland:the Patton Family and Croaghan House 1636-1990

Welch Pogue, Lloyd,
Pogue / Pollock / Polk: genealogy as mirrored in history: from Scotland to N. Ireland/Ulster, Ohio and westward
Baltimore, MD: Gateway Press, Inc., 1990. 709p.

Robb, Dale and Arlene
George Robb-Catherine Forsyth and descendants 1807-1982
[s.l.: s.n.],1982. 68p, index, photos.

Shelly Hankins, Caneta
Hugh Rogan of Counties Donegal and Sumner: Irish acculturation in frontier Tennessee
In Tennessee Historical Quarterly Vol LIV Winter 1995 #4
19p, biblio.

Briggs Sampson, Lilla
The Sampson Family
Baltimore, MD: Williams & Wilkins, 1914. 238p.

Shankland, Ronald L.
Shankland / Shanklin: surnames as a subsect of Mc Gregor/Grierson Clan
[s.l., s.n.]15p.

Rheins, Joe,
Lt William Stewart of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania
Published by the author, 2005. Traces the life of a member of the Stewart family from Ramelton. CD

Stewarts of Ramelton
Photocopied items, vital records relating to this family and its members in the USA.
Published by the author, Pennsylvania, USA. 2002

Stuart-Helligoso, Martha
One Line of Stuarts
[s.l.: s.n.], 1987.

The Sweeneys´
In The Irish Link No. 47, December 1995. p 18.

Sweeney, John P., ed.
The Sweeneys:Fanad, Doe, Banagh, international
[s.l.,Clann Suibhne], 1997. 152p, ill.

Sweeney, Richard Mingo.
Sween (Suibhne): Clan of the Battle-axe: a brief history of the Mac Sweeney (Mac Suibhne) Gallowglass
Gaoth Dobhair: Clann tSuibhne, 1999. 101p.

Allen, Samuel
Vance Family History: memoir of the Rev. George Vance, D.D.
Dublin: Hodges Figgis, 1901. 252p.

Wallen, Farland
The Wallen Generations: 300 years of our family history
Charlotte, N.C.: Delmar, 1993. 343p.

White, Henry
White Family of Lough Eske
[s.l.: s.n.], 1992. 44p.

Trench, Charlotte V.
The Wrays of Donegal
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1945. 392p.

Young, Amy
300 Hundred Years in Inishowen
Belfast: Mc Caw, Stevenson & Orr / the Linenhall Press, 1929.
357p. [Young Family]

Young, G.
The Youngs of N.W. Ulster or Tracing the Three Black Piles on a Silver Base



The following website addresses are dedicated to family research world-wide, and have very useful "links": (A huge global genealogy site) (Donegal Ancestry, Ramelton, Co Donegal) (United States National Archives site) (A good source for Donegal-related genealogy) (the Mormon Church (Latter-Day Saints) Family History site). (a part of the Rootsweb site devoted to Donegal genealogy. Continuously adding new information) (Public Records Office Northern Ireland) (National Archives, Dublin) (National Library of Ireland´s site  has a guide to beginning family research (A public libraries website. From a list of topics, click on Family History. Excellent links) (American passenger records 1892-1924)