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Future Events

2nd Gallagher Global Gathering 6th - 14th September 2013

Be part of THE crowd in 2013

 The 2nd Gallagher Global Gathering will be held in Gortahork,Co.Donegal Ireland from 6th - 14th September 2013. It will be based at the Ostan Loch Altan / Loch Altan Hotel. As with our first in 2007 this gathering will be a memorable occassion for all who attend. Various events will be taking place throughout the week and you can attend all of them or just a selection. Further information is available HERE

The Ostan Loch Altan / Loch Altan Hotel is offering a great rate to those staying over during the Gallagher Global Gathering see HERE

Videos and pictures of our First Gallagher Global Gathering in 2007 can be seen HERE

Pictures of Donegal can be seen HERE

We would ask anyone interested in attending to please contact us by EMAIL, phone or text us at + 353 (0)87 6680593.

We would also ask those who would like to help in any way to please click HERE

You can also view information on Facebook.

Call to hold local gatherings

Come on all of you Gallaghers worldwide. As one of the Clan’s aims is to facilitate gatherings at local and national levels as well as international events, we would appreciate if groups could get together in various regions in the world. This organisation will assist as best it can include promoting and facilitating the event on this website.

Gallaghers in Ireland outside Donegal

There are large populations of Gallaghers in various counties in Ireland. Each county should organise an event to celebrate their own unique heritage.

We found that it is useful to first have low-key evening events to judge the interest and to see what is most suitable to the various areas. Following from our own experience we can help any interested group to formulate a plan for such an occasion.

Our previous events have been a great incitement to study our heritage and a great source of information especially through family folklore comes to the fore. The more events take place the greater the information we will gather regarding our celebrated communal heritage.