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2nd Gallagher Global Gathering

Be part of THE crowd in 2013


with Concert and Songwriters Workshop by Benny Gallagher

Liam and Noel of Oasis fame also invited- see below

Gallaghers Galore

Óstán Loch Altan, Gortahork, Co. Donegal, Ireland

6th - 15th September 2013 

Event Base: Óstán Loch Altan - Hotel Loch Altan - in the village of Gortahork, Co. Donegal, Ireland.

Óstán Loch Altan - Hotel Loch Altan Special Offer

Itinerary including Venue, Pricing, Booking Information etc 

The Gallagher Global Award 

The Gallagher Global Award Nomination Information 

Benny Gallagher in Concert

Benny Gallagher Songwriting Master-Class

1st Gallagher Global Gathering, September 2007

Accommodation List:

Donegal in Picture 

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