James Mitchell Gallagher, Lord Mayor of Dublin 1915-1917:

James Mitchell Gallagher was who held the office from 1915 to 1917 and his coat of arms hangs on the walls of the Mansion House along with those of the others who held the office.We would like to hear more about this man and would especially like to make contact with any of his descendants, if there be any.Dr. Thomas Gallagher

Dr. Thomas Gallagher M.D.

Dr. Gallagher was arrested for planning to blow up the British Houses of Parliament at Westminster in 1882, which was seen as a method to further the aims of freeing Ireland from British Rule. See here a copy of the proceedings of his and his co-accused’s trial in the Old Bailey, London. He was convicted of treason on the 28th May 1883 and sentenced to Penal Servitude for Life. His brother Bernard was found Not Guilty

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