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Kelly Gallagher (USA)

Kelly Gallagher, 18, of Williamstown, Massashusetts, USA is an emerging artist from the Berkshire Hills, world-renowned for its famous artists (Norman Rockwell, Stephen Hannock), galleries (Mass MoCA, Clark Art Institute), dance (Jacobs Pillow), and music (Tangelwood). Kelly's first major piece was "Razzledazzle" an acrylic on canvas that required over 40 hours to complete. Prior to completing this piece his dad says that "most of his paintings were constrained by his limited use of color and lack of flair."

In retrospect, Kelly simply had not been expanding his artistic horizons in his day-to-day work. Dad says that Kelly may not have been confident to take more risks with his brush. About one year ago Kelly changed all of that - and here-in lies the unique aspect of Kelly Gallagher.....It has been said that artists are attuned to color, line, texture, shading, touch, motion, seeing and hearing in harmony. Did we mention that young Mr. Gallagher is legally blind?

Kelly's present work demonstrates the amazing quality of his painting, with a skill level much farther advanced than his earlier work. His dad says that "Once he let loose he used more paint, big, bold slashing strokes and bright, rich color." Kelly's work also has a very delicate quality, a softness that begets his attention to detail. Safe to say that the senses of artistic individuals seem more keenly tuned than those of others.

When complimented on his work Kelly responds with a hearty, "OH MAN!"

Kelly's artwork can be purchased by visiting his on-line gallery at

Kelly Gallagher (Northern Ireland)

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