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The Gallagher Clan Website Launched

Gallaghers Netted by an International Web. 

The Gallagher Clan launched their website at a recent function in the Ramada Encore Hotel, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal. It is the fruits of the labour of people with Gallagher connections from Donegal, Glasgow and especially that of their web mistress, a New Zealander, Lindel Buckley. Her great-great grandmother Fanny Gallagher, left the Gartan area in 1869.
It is a way for the Gallaghers from all over the World to view some of their long history, to hear the stories and to communicate their own and their immediate family’s stories. It is a method of uniting the Gallagher connections from all parts of the Globe. It is often the first opportunity for those abroad to make contact with their “homeland”. Their surnames may be variants of the name Gallagher such as Gallacher or Golliger or may even be Italian, Germanic etc. but they still feel the draw of their Gallagher heritage. Those at home are beginning to hear some of the detail of the story of those who left Donegal, the original homeland, whether it start with a statement such as: “Our Gallaghers went to Kinsale with O’Donnell” or “our family arrived in the USA from Trinidad”. Families everywhere can use resources such as the full list of Gallaghers in the Griffith Valuation of c. 1850 to assist in building up a picture of their own immediate family tree. It will also lead to those “at home” extending their knowledge of their own family trees because the family records were often much better kept by those abroad.
As more information flows in and more is made available on the website a very valuable resource will be built up not just for the Gallaghers but for the North West as a whole. Through the website a very strong interest has already developed in next September’s Global Gathering in Letterkenny, which will bring Gallaghers from as far away as New Zealand, and Australia, Alaska and Canada not to mention the USA and the UK to the North-West.  It will have been over two hundred years since the last direct family connection with Ireland, for some of them.
This is only the start of the website story. It is being regularly added too and as it becomes better known it will capture the attention of even more of the hundreds of thousands of Gallagher “connections” spread throughout the World.
Rosemarie Gallagher, Carrigart and Anthony Gallagher, Portsalon viewing the site Webmistress Ms. Lindel Buckley in New Zealand